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History of Ravi Soups

Soup connoisseur Ravi Kanagarajah was born on July 22 1970 in Sri Lanka. Ravi was raised in Kilinochchi where he grew up surrounded by family in the restaurant business. Ravi has travelled across Europe in different countries working at various restaurants in the food industry. This wasn’t fulfilling enough so he decided to take his endeavors across the world and decided to pursue his dreams in Canada. In 1991 Ravi arrived in Canada and upon arrival went straight to meet his uncle who was working at Mildred Peirce in Toronto. This soon turned into fifteen years of hard work at the Mildred in which the passion Ravi had for food gave him the drive to obtain the highest rank as the Saucier. He marvelled at the idea of opening up his own restaurant. He knew it would not be easy and left his job of fifteen years in hopes of achieving something much greater. Ravi opened up his first restaurant at 322 Adelaide St West. He was aware that over the past 10 years there were 7 failed businesses in the very same location. Keeping his head up high and with the help of his wife Ravi spent all of his time in his new restaurant that he simply named Ravi Soups. Ravi is now the proud owner and founder of three Ravi Soups locations across downtown Toronto. He is very pleased to say that hard work with a lot of dedication surely does pay off. Never give up on your dreams and in the famous words of Ravi Kanagarajah, ``always calculate your next move because good calculations make you a winner.