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Best & Favourite Soups & Wraps

Creating buzz since its opening five years ago, Ravi Soups continues to be one of Toronto’s favourite “soup kitchens.” Offering a fresh take on an old favorite, the crowd-pleasing corn chowder comes topped with tasty pieces of blue crab and fragrant Thai basil. Dairy-shunners take note: creamy though it is, the chowder is lactose-free. Ravi’s meal-worthy soups are served with a flaky little cheese biscuits and tart red pepper jelly.



The Soup in Toronto

Ravi Soups is a place to enjoy tasty soups and variety of mouth-watering dishes. Ravi Soups has been creating a buzz ever since it was opened in 2007. It caters to students, office workers, blurry-eyed party goers and suburbanites with a variety of tasty soups and dishes.The owner and chef of Ravi Soups is Ravi Kanagarajah. He has 13 years of experience as the saucier and reckoned “soup master” of Mildred Pierce. He was spurred by the tradition of making “Kool” in his native town Jaffna in Sri Lanka by which family and neighbors gather in a common place to enjoy drinking the “Kool” rich with seafood. Due to this stimulation, Ravi views soup as a symbol of family bonding and a way to bring people closer together..

Ravi Soups offers a little, comfortable refuge in all seasons. It has a pleasant environment to eat and enjoy a session with friends and family members. It has a simple comfortable interior, eat-in bar looks out onto the street, massive wooden communal table and a quaint back patio for sit-in diners with more time to spare.

An assortment of menus like Chicken Hot Pot, and Apricot curry soup along with a plethora of perfectly pressed wraps attract the visitors. Each item bears a straightforward Western name. Are you wondering about the Western names? The secret is

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Ravisoups Specials

The Chicken Hot Pot Broth soup tasted just as good as it looked. The soup had coconut milk, lemongrass, kaffir lime, fresh noodles, bok choy, edamame, mango, pineapple, crispy shallots and fresh herbs. The fragrant lemongrass and kaffir lime gave the soup a Thai flavour, which was really delicious! There was a generous portion of chicken, bok choy and noodles in the soup to make it super filling. The fresh cilantro was the cherry on top! The mango and pineapple chunks were surprisingly good additions to the soup.


Creative Soups & Wraps

Ravi Soups is the resident soup kitchen of the Entertainment District, known for its inexpensive meals and quick service.


Creative Soups & Wraps

Counter-service spot for creative soups & wraps, with communal Counter-service spot for creative soups & wraps, with communal


Special Soups on winter

The succulent Curry Lamb Wrap packs an electrifying pungent curry punch, which is muted by generous chunks of sweet potato and stuffed with baby spinach.Our winter soup recipes will warm and make you fresh during cold weather.Get healthy recipes in your favorite Enjoy The Taste Of Ravi'soups & Wraps.

Our satisfied customers

I read many reviews about Ravi soup and never expected that it was such good. I came there about 4pm weekday. The restaurant was not very busy but all staffs were patiently working on their own positions. I ordered the small portion of Ravi stew and added a biscuit with pepper jelly to a combo. The soup was very delicious containing various kinds of ingredients such as green beans, chicken breast, potato,carrot and so on. It tasted like latin-style cuisine using herbs to create rich flavour. The biscuit was crisp and not sweet, it matched perfectly with sweet pepper jelly. Really love it~ I would come back for its wraps and other comfortable food.
Hayley Pauze9 months ago
I usually reserve soup-eating for times when I'm sick, but sometimes I get a craving for something soupy so I decided to stop by Ravi Soups. I had the Beef Miso to go, and it was prepared quickly. It was tasty and just what I was looking for. It had a bit of a kick to it, and I've been craving it ever since. Must go back soon, to get the Beef Miso again.

Enjoy your meal!

Ravi Soups offers different varieties of tasty soups and mouthwatering wraps. You can just order the available meals on-line by looking at the menus on a particular day. We will deliver the ordered meals to your place quickly. Or you also can come and take away the ordered meals conveniently without waiting in a queue.